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    Able magazine - August 2023

  • [ DOWNLOAD ] - My Story - My BEST friends.
    Eliot Best is an 18 year-old non-binary person with a variety of complex needs, including those relating to autism and other mental health issues. He gets by with his two 'Best's Friends'.
  • Dogs Today magazine - August 2023

  • [ DOWNLOAD ] - Team Eliot.
    With two assistance dogs at his side, Eliot is overcoming many challenges and enjoying a newfound freedom to live his life.
  • Dogs Today magazine - September 2023

  • [ DOWNLOAD ] - Newfs in Action.
    With their natural water ability, Newfoundlands enjoy making a splash - and one group is raising money for charity while training life-saving rescues.
    Photographs by Tony Brice.
  • Boating New Zealand magazine - December 2023

  • [ DOWNLOAD ] - Liquid History.
    Each year, the week after the worldfamous Henley Regatta, the River Thames at Henley plays host to the Thames Traditional Boat Festival. .
    Photographs by Tony Brice.

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